Enneagram : The game in english


Sophie Touttée Henrotte wanted, through this game, to allow everyone a simple way to approach personal development to set out on the path to self-discovery.

It’s up to US to UNVEIL ourselves, to open OUR EYES, to ACCEPT ourselves, to MOVE forward towards the other and to ADJUST. This card game is intended to be initiatory in order to better communicate by daring to BE SELF because TO DARE IS TO LIVE.


5 explanatory presentation cards.

9 cards to individually discover your personality type, with the synthetic description on each card: Strengths, Attention, Progress and Look as well as the professions that often stand out in each profile. You will be able to better accept yourself, better orient yourself, better discover the people around you and better make yourself understood, all this with kindness.

9 cards to discover what our needs are in a married life. For each type, the man and the woman are represented. If you are a perfectionist with a romantic spouse, lay the cards next to each other to see the complementarities, differences and possible adjustments to move forward towards each other.

10 cards from the « 21 » game: this game is played quickly in a few minutes and allows you to see your opponent’s strategy according to his personality type. These cards are also illustrated with the symbolism of the colors: each color has its symbolism in positive and negative and the professions that stand out the most with these colors. Each color is included in the enneagram cards because each type has a color. Depending on your personality type you may see your symbolism in the cards of 21 and often similar trades.

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